Worldwide management consultancy firm Accenture provides a number of benefits -- such as health and dental insurance -- to its employees.

Among these benefits are several financial tools and programs for employees' retirement. Accenture encourages employees to take advantage of several retirement benefits within the company. It also offers a free service for employees called Lifeworks geared toward helping employees with finances, including planning for retirement.

Retirement savings plan

New employees at Accenture become eligible to make contributions to the company pension plan from their first day on the job.

Accenture matches employee contributions up to a certain percentage of salary.

You can typically access the company's contributions after two years of service. The Accenture Retirement Savings Plan has been awarded the UK's Pension Quality Mark, which is a quality standard recognised by the HR and pensions industry.

Share plan

A share purchase plan allows employees to buy company shares at a discounted price. This is not as secure as the pension plan -- since the value of shares will depend on how well the company is doing financially -- but it is an opportunity to get cheap shares as a future investment. Shares can be cashed in all at once, or you can sell a few of your shares, as you need the money.

Pension entitlement

A pension is a certain amount of money your company pays you after retirement.

The amount it pays you is usually based off a percentage of your final salary, so it will vary from person to person. All members of the Accenture Retirement Savings Plan receive a company pension at retirement age in addition to the standard UK state pension.