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Assistant finance manager job description

An assistant finance manager works under the guidance of a senior professional to ensure that a company's or a government agency's internal controls are adequate, appropriate and in compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards and company policies. An assistant manager also could analyse financial statements and advise top leadership on investments and expense-saving initiatives.


An assistant finance manager performs a variety of tasks under the leadership of an organisation controller or finance director. An assistant prepares and presents a company's financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, company guidelines and industry requirements. A finance specialist also ensures that such statements are fair, accurate and complete. Accounting reports indicate completeness when they show four summaries -- a balance sheet, a statement of profit and loss, a statement of cash flows and a statement of shareholders' equity. An assistant manager also partners with internal or external auditors to ensure that internal policies and guidelines around financial reporting mechanisms are functional and adequate. This expert also could work with tax accountants to evaluate operating data, detect key trends and recommend tax-saving solutions to management.

Job opportunities

An assistant finance manager has a variety of career opportunities. This specialist could work for a public accounting or tax firm, a government agency or a business entity. This expert also could perform tax, financial accounting and reporting, auditing, risk management and investment planning duties. A competent assistant finance manager could become a finance manager or director after five years.

Qualitative requirements

An assistant finance manager needs interpersonal and communication skills -- written, oral and graphic -- to be competent. An assistant also needs to be an expert in accounting, finance and audit techniques, as well as investments and capital market activities.

Education and training

An assistant finance manager typically holds a university degree in finance or a business field and will be a certified or chartered accountant. This specialist could increase chances of promotion by seeking further professional qualifications or post-graduate degrees.


Income levels in finance depend on company size, industry and academic training. An assistant finance manager who holds a professional certification earns more than average finance workers. According to the Prospects UK graduate careers website, as of 2014 starting salaries average at £22,000 to £35,000 per year. This might rise to £45,000 in the investment banking sector. Typical salaries for experienced financial managers with more than 10 years experience range between £65,000 and £95,000.

Working life

An assistant finance manager typically works on a 40-hour weekly schedule, but could spend more time at work for month-end accounting procedures or quarterly tax or regulatory filings.