The Average Salary of a First Year McDonald's Manager

There are three basic management positions available at McDonald's restaurants -- swing manager, assistant manager and restaurant manager. The salary a first year manager is paid is set by the franchise owner or manager who hires him. However, according to search results on McDonald's official website, salaries for each position do not vary greatly between different restaurants and locations.

Swing Managers

According to, the official website listing employment opportunities for McDonald's across the country, starting pay for a first year swing manager is between £5.50 and £6.50 per hour. Swing managers are assigned to the swing shift, or evening hours, and are responsible for managing the McDonald's crew during these hours.

Assistant Manager

First year assistant managers earn on average £7.10 an hour, but pay can vary depending on experience and the particular restaurant you work for. Some people are hired as assistant managers and receive on-the-job training, while others are promoted from either McDonald's crew positions or from a swing manager position.

Restaurant Manager

McDonald's restaurant managers, or general managers, are placed in charge of the entire crew and management team of the entire restaurant they work in. Restaurant managers start at an average salary of £22,750 per year, but this amount may be increased for those who have more experience or at the discretion of the restaurant's franchise owner.

Food Service Manager Salaries

McDonald's restaurant managers earn salaries in line with the national average for this industry according to data available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The average salary for food service managers ranges between £19,142 and £50,011 per year. The average salary for food service managers working in limited-service eating establishments, such as McDonald's, earn on average £26,858 per year.

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