A film director is responsible for advising his cast and crew in the development of a movie or feature film. A film director instructs his cast in the dramatic elements of the film, and advises his crew in technical elements that enhance the movie. A film director's average salary varies by location, company and industry. A film director's average salary is dependent upon the specific type of industry involved, the geographical location and profit-sharing opportunities.

Type of Industry

The salary range for film directors varies greatly by industry. According to Payscale, film directors who work with media film and visual effects earn salaries between £39,322 and £148,778 on an annual basis. Film directors who specialise in audio and video production earn an average salary between £42,096 and £121,359. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the mean average wage for all film directors is even lower, at £56,465 per year.

Geographical Location

Geographical location influences a film director's average salary. Due to the popularity of Hollywood as a centre for film and production, it is not surprising that California has the highest average salary for film directors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, film directors in California earn an annual mean wage of £78,344. Film directors in Massachusetts have an annual mean wage of £45,227.

National Averages

Not all film directors work on high-profile feature films and big-screen entertainment projects. Some are involved in advertising projects and documentaries. As a result, national average salaries for film directors reflect all types of projects. According to Simply Hired, the average movie director's salary is £30,550. Additionally, Payscale states that the average film director's salary is between £19,358 and £52,000 annually.

Profit Sharing

A film director's salary is influenced by profit-sharing opportunities available to him. In many professions, the public has little impact on a professional's salary. In the world of entertainment, film directors often receive additional income based upon a film's popularity. According to Payscale, a film director earns an average of £195 to £40,625 on profit-sharing ventures related to his films. For major blockbuster feature films, these additional profit sharing opportunities are even greater.