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The Average Salary of a Starbucks Manager

The Starbucks coffee company employs people all over the world at over 16,000 stores. It has also been rated as one of the top 100 best companies to work for by "Fortune" Magazine.

With competitive wages and benefits, and a "partners" rather than "employees" mentality, the company claims that working at Starbucks is a "lot like working with friends." Job opportunities and career advancement include positions as a manager, but salaries can vary based on a number of factors.

National Average Salary

As of June of 2011, Starbucks store managers in the U.S. reported an average salary of £27,998 a year according to a salary survey by Glass Door.

In 2006, CNN Money reported the average wage slightly higher, at £28,340 a year. Of the managers reporting in 2011, the lowest wage was £22,100 a year and the highest was £44,200 annually.


Starbucks managers, and Starbucks employees in general, typically enjoy a long list of benefits and perks that can add significant value to the overall compensation package. General health insurance as well as dental and vision insurance are offered, and life insurance up to £32,500 in coverage is available.

For full-time managers, up to 40 hours of sick pay are included per year, as are paid holidays and vacations. Managers that have been with the company for at least a year also enjoy tuition reimbursement, ranging from £325 to £650 per year, and 401(k) plans are standard. All employees are also entitled to discounts on Starbucks coffee and retail merchandise.

Types of Manager Positions

Wages for managers are also dependent on the level of management. Partners in assistant manager positions reported an average salary of £21,984 a year as of June 2011, nearly £6,500 less than their supervising managers.

District managers naturally earned much higher wages than individual store managers, reporting an average base pay of £48,027 a year. The highest-paid district managers, when including bonuses and profit sharing, earned up to £70,200 annually.

Job Description and Qualifications

Store managers keep track of financial records for their retail location daily, weekly and monthly, and maintain stock levels. They also oversee the other staff, training hew hires, organising partner schedules and evaluating performance. District managers oversee the functions of multiple stores and store managers. Starbucks managers typically have a high school diploma, management experience or management training in college. Some managers start as entry-level employees or baristas, and obtain promotion after some time with the company.