How to become an estate agent

Estate agents sell, rent and manage property. They are the middle men between property buyers and sellers. They make money by charging the seller a percentage of the sales price. For lettings, they make money from the landlord (property owner) by drawing up contracts. They also charge tenants for finding them a rental property. Much of their day involves meeting with sellers, showing people around properties, marketing properties and doing administrative work.

Ensure you have the necessary skills and personality. Estate agents have excellent people, communication and sales skills. They are confident and outgoing people. Many have an aptitude for numbers and a good local knowledge.

Consider training. You do not need a degree to be an estate agent. But you may consider enrolling in a relevant training course. The UK Estate Agents Directory suggests a number of apprenticeship and training programmes.

Select an appropriate speciality if you choose to do a degree. Business or management studies may be beneficial. Specific degrees include surveying, urban studies, land studies, land management, structural and civil engineering or estate management.

Get experience. Contact the estate agents in your area to ask if they will give you work experience. Some of the larger estate agent firms offer tailored graduate or work experience programmes.

Update your computer skills. Many estate agents can use CMS (content management systems), so you may wish to enroll in a training course for this.

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Things Needed

  • Computer skills
  • Training or a degree

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