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How to become a hotel animator

A hotel animator is a seasonal hotel employee who entertains hotel guests and organises activities. Depending on the hotel's requirements, an animator may be responsible for organising children's games, overseeing a beach volleyball tournament, performing in an evening musical or teaching a skill to the hotel guests.

Hotel animation jobs are available in warm weather resort areas during the summer months and sometimes in ski resort areas in the winter months. Being asked to work six days a week for a salary of less than 1,000 euro a month is common, but food and accommodations are often provided by the employer.

Working with People: Volunteer or work at a job that allows you to gain experience working with the public. This can help you build your people skills and confidence working with others. It can prove to future employers that you can successfully handle a job working closely with the public.

Languages: Learn at least two foreign languages. As summer resorts often attract people from different countries around the world, hotels prefer to hire employees who can speak multiple languages and communicate with the greatest possible number of guests.

Special Skills: Sign up for acting, sports, first aid or child welfare classes. As part of the job, hotel animators often work in entertainment, fitness and sports, or with children. Gaining specialised skills in these areas can help you stand out from the crowd of hotel animation applicants.

Organisation: Prepare to start your job search three or four months before the start of the season. Update your resume and consider where you might like to work as a hotel animator. Do you have your heart set on a Greek island or an Italian coast, for example, or are you open to what is available? Also consider whether you will be able to legally work there. Generally only those with European Union citizenship are considered for hotel animation jobs within the European Union. Other countries may offer special visa programmes for seasonal hotel workers.

Search: Find a recruitment agency that staffs seasonal jobs for the country in which you are interested in working. For example, PRO-STAFF recruits staff for jobs in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, and One Stop Entertainment recruits staff for jobs in Cyprus. Start with an online search.

Application: Apply for a hotel animation job with a seasonal recruitment agency. Follow the application procedures as specified by them. If there is a special visa program, they should be able to answer your questions about it. After your application has been received, you may be asked to attend an interview or casting. If you are successful, you will be offered a job as a hotel animator that best matches your skills.

Things Needed

  • Your passport
  • Resume/CV