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How to Buy Carisoprodol

On November 17, 2009 the United States Drug Enforcement Administration announced that it proposed to make Carisoprodol a schedule IV controlled substance, meaning Carisoprodol users show a mild tendency to physical or psychological dependence during long-term use. Other schedule IV controlled substances include Xanax and Valium. Upon announcement of this change all insurance companies and pharmacies required patients to have their physician resubmit a prescription or change the medication.

Carisoprodol, brand name Soma, is a prescription medication used in the treatment of acute, episodic musculoskeletal pain. Purchasing Carisoprodol can require several phone calls but the extra work is worth it.

Make an appointment with a family physician. They will assess your health and determine if Carisoprodol is the right choice for you. The physician will also instruct you on how often to take the medication. If the pain is occasional, you may only need to take a pill a few times a week or month. However, to begin it may be necessary to take daily or several times a day.

Contact your health insurance provider, if one is available. Speak to a representative to find out if Carisoprodol is covered by your insurance.

Contact the pharmacy of your choice to determine the cost of Carisoprodol at that location. Don't be surprised if the price, even with insurance, is considerably high.

Shop around. Other pharmacies may offer a lower price but I have found the difference is usually only a dollar or two. There are online sights available to purchase Carisoprodol. Before purchasing online, factor in the shipping and handling cost. You may not be getting the savings you think.


Ask the pharmacy if you can only purchase a few pills at a time. This may make the financial impact a little less.


Beware of online websites that offer cheap drugs from Mexico or Canada. They do not have the same stringent production standards as the United States.

Things Needed

  • Family physician
  • Prescription for Carisoprodol
  • Prescription insurance, optional
  • Pharmacy of your choice
  • Computer with Internet access