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How to Calculate Loan Settlement Figures

"Loan Settlement" is a term used to describe exactly how much you have left to pay on a loan, including figures like the principle amount borrowed, interest and any other remaining sums of money you have to pay. To calculate these figures based on a specific loan that you've taken out, you'll need to know how much your total loan was for and what your interest rate is. Using this information, you can use a number of different online calculators to find out all of the information you need to know.

Use MortgageLoan.com (see References) to start the loan calculation by simply filling your own personal financial information into the boxes on screen. The graph on the page will automatically update letting you know how much you'll be spending over time, the amount you'll be paying in interest and how many months or years it will take you to pay off your home loan based on the amount of payments you make per month. This method is designed for use with home loans, but will work with regular types of loans as well.

Use Loan Payoff Calculator from Bankrate (see References). Loan Payoff Calculator will calculate how long it will take you to pay off your home loan (or any other type of loan for that matter) based on how much you pay a month, the original amount of the loan including additional information like any extra payments that you make or what your interest rate is and whether or not it fluctuates.

Use Google's "Compare Mortgages" feature (see References). The column on the left side of the "Compare Mortgages" screen will allow you to calculate home loan settlement figures based on whether you are starting a new mortgage or are refinancing an existing one. You then select the bank that you're using for your loan mortgage in the column on the right and click "Compare Checked" to see all of the information related to how long it will take you to pay off your home loan. This method will work only with home loans.

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