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How to Calculate the Price of a Square Meter

In real estate, price per meter is a common calculation used to compare the value of properties or parcels of land. For commercial and residential properties, the total square meter calculation describes the interior measurement of the building or structure.

For parcels of land, the square meter calculation describes the total measurement of the surface area of the land. To calculate the price per square meter, you need to know the sale price of the property or land and the total square meter calculation.

Determine the total sale price or value of the property or parcel of land. For example, assume a house has a selling price of £325,000.

Determine the total square meter measurement of the property or land. For property structures, you need to multiply the length by the width of every room in the structure and add the sum from the individual rooms to determine the total square footage of the property. For land, you need to multiply the length by the width of the property boundaries. Continuing the same example, assume the house has a total measurement of 200 square meters.

Divide the selling price from Step 1 by the square meter measurement from Step 2. Continuing the same example, £325,000 / 200 = £1,625. This figure represents the price of a square meter for the property: £1,625 per square meter.