While working, one of the most important things to know is how much you are getting paid. Most people are paid in the form of hourly wages. The hourly wage is multiplied by the hours worked in a day to calculate the amount of money made in a day. When working overtime, people often make time and a half, which is their regular pay per hour plus half their regular hourly pay each hour.

Determine your hourly pay. For example, £9 an hour.

Divide hourly pay into two. In the example, £9 divided by two equals £4.

Add your hourly page to the figure calculated in Step 2 (your hourly pay divided in two). In the example, £9 plus £4, which equals £13 per hour.

Multiply the time and a half rate determined in Step 3 by the number of overtime hours worked. In the example, if you worked three hours of overtime, then you made £13 per hour times three hours, which equals £40 for overtime.