Can I Authorize Someone to Use My Debit Card?

A debit card is similar to a credit card in that you can use your card to make purchases in place of cash. However, a debit card uses cash in your bank account to back the purchases rather than a line of credit. Authorised users on your bank account normally are authorised users on your debit card. However, you should review the terms and conditions in your debit card agreement to confirm rules.

Bank Account Users

When you open a bank account, you are given the option to add a joint account holder or authorise users. These users may include children, spouses or other family members you want to have immediate access to your account. If you did not authorise any users on your bank account, you can visit your local branch or log in to your bank account online to add a person.

New Cards

Authorised users usually can request a debit card by calling the customer service number of your bank. However, you must authorise this access when the user is added to your account. Alternatively, you can request an additional card for the user so she can use the card for purchases.

Card Only

In some cases, you may only want to authorise a person to use your card and not have other access to your bank account. This option may be helpful if you want someone else to have only occasional access to your account. Call the customer service number on your debit card to request this option.

PIN Access

Sharing your personal identification number (PIN) with another person grants him instant access to your account without being an authorised user. The person can use your card at any location that accepts debit cards as long as he remembers the PIN. Most stores do not require identification from the debit-card holder.

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