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How Can I Trace My Social Security Number?

Social Security Number

Trace your Social Security number by performing a background check. This gives you the names that you have used in the last seven to 10 years. In addition, it provides your past addresses along with your current address.

Obtaining your credit report lists the employers you had in the last seven to 10 years along with the past addresses you have used and your current address. The main feature of your credit report would be the ability to see the accounts you have opened under your Social Security number. The credit report also shows open accounts, delinquent accounts and closed accounts that are under your social security number.

Obtaining a copy of your identification record can be done through your local state identification bureau. Typically, this is your state police department. For instance, if you live in Illinois, then contact the Illinois State Police Department. The report will include criminal background (if any), alias names, previous and current address.

Things Needed

  • Performing a social security number trace can be done by using several methods. A Social Security number trace provides your address history and the names that you have used for at least the last seven to 10 years. Typically this kind of search is done to find people. Employers also use a social security trace to check a potential employee criminal background.

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