Car transport laws & regulations

People have various reasons to hire a car transportation company to transport their car to another location. Consumers should become familiar with car transportation laws before signing any contracts.

No Baggage

Companies that transport cars for customers have polices that prohibit anything but the car from being transported. In other words, customers cannot legally use the car to transport other items. The Department of Transportation has the legal right to inspect cars that are being transported, and if they find the car is being used to transport other items, they can impose a £6,500 fine on the transportation company.


Once a customer signs a contract with a car transportation company, she trusts that the car will be delivered in the same condition in which she dropped it off. Under federal law, any car transport company must have at least a £487,500 public liability insurance policy to protect against any damages done to the car while it's in transport. Customers have the legal right to sue over specific damages, such as a cracked window, if the company refuses to pay.

The Payment

In the event that a person hires a company to transport a vehicle and, for whatever reason, opts against it at a later date, he may still have to pay a cancellation fee. Accelerated Services, a transport company, charges a 15 per cent cancellation fee on all orders and requires the consumer to pay in full if a transport truck has already been dispatched. However, customers do have the legal right to withhold payment until a vehicle is driven to its designated location.

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