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Chief Perfusionist Salary

For some people, there is nothing more exciting that the fast pace of an operating room.

If you have ever dreamed of a medical career in an environment like this, the job of a chief perfusionist could be worth researching. These professionals earn above-average salaries.


Chief perfusionists, also referred to as cardiac perfusionists, are trained medical professionals that operate heart and lung equipment while patients are undergoing surgical procedures. According to, these machines keep the lungs working and blood pumping to the heart while the patient is under anaesthesia.

Chief perfusionists must graduate from an accredited program and be certified by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusionists in order to obtain work. In addition, they must successfully perform at least 75 procedures before working on their own.

Choosing an Employer

According to a June 2010 finding by PayScale, those professionals employed by hospitals are earning some of the highest salaries at a median of £70,718 each year. Working for an individual company could set the annuals earning at £56,349 a year. Chief perfusionists working on their own, performing contract procedures are reporting earning a median annual income of £53,148.

Experience Levels

According to a June 2010 survey by PayScale, median earnings for chief perfusionists start at £48,339 a year for those just starting their careers.

After at least one year on the job, chief perfusionists are reporting earning median incomes of £50,880 annually. Those on the job for at least five years are earning £61,040 and after 10 years, chief perfusionists are reporting earning £67,169 a year. After 20 years on the job, professionals report median annual wages of £74,732.

Number of Employees

The total number of workers a company employs can also play a role in determining the overall earnings potential. According to a June 2010 finding by PayScale, chief perfusionists employed with companies that have less than 10 workers are earning a median annual income of £59,820. Those working in companies that employ up to 50 workers are reporting earnings of £62,938 a year. The next jump in pay is in companies that employ more than 2,000 workers; these chief perfusionists are reporting earnings wages of £80,761 a year.


Choosing a location in the U.S. to work could also have some bearing on the salary of a chief perfusionist. According to a June 2010 report by PayScale, chief perfusionists working in the state of New York are earning the highest wages at £92,625 a year. Those workers employed in California and Florida are reporting median earnings of £61,750 annually. And a chief perfusionist in the state of North Carolina could net a much lower income, with those workers reporting median earnings of £50,837 a year.