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How to Close an HSBC Charge Account

HSBC not only offers Mastercard and Visa credit cards, it's also the bank behind Best Buy, General Motors and other store-branded credit cards. To close an HSBC charge account you'll need to contact the appropriate department for your credit card. Closing your charge account will take a few minutes on the phone and you may need to write a simple letter. Repeat the steps as necessary until your credit report reflects the closed account.

Locate the customer service phone number on your most recent bill or on the website where you pay your HSBC bill. The bank's main customer service number is 800-975-4722.

Tell the customer service agent that you want to close your account. Ask for a date when the account will be closed and a confirmation number.

Check your credit report after the date the account should have been closed. Sometimes creditors will leave an account open even after you've asked to close it. If the account is still open, send a certified letter to the HSBC customer service address (see Resources) stating that you want your account closed.

Verify that the account is closed by checking your credit report again. Some credit reporting agencies update records monthly, so it may take a month or two after you send the letter for the report to be updated.


If your account is in good standing and has been open for a while, consider keeping it open. Having older accounts that have been paid on time can increase your credit score.


If you have an outstanding balance on the account, you're still responsible for paying it. Closing the card will not eliminate the balance or the negative rating if you've fallen behind in payments.

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