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How to complete paperwork for selling a house

When you sell a house you must complete legal paperwork. The general forms are the same for any house deal. Locate these forms online or ask your real estate attorney to provide the forms for you. If you use a real estate agent as a seller, this person will obtain the forms for your transaction.

Obtain the necessary paperwork to sell your house by downloading forms for your state from, using your real estate attorney or using your real estate broker.

Look at the "Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate" form. You must fill in this form with your specific information.

Fill in the price of your house, the description of the property, what you are taking with you and what you are leaving behind, and any other provisions you make with your buyer.

Continue filling in the finance portion of the form. Check "cash sale," "owner financing" or "new loan or assumption."

Specify how much "earnest money" the buyer must put down. Also, specify that you sell the house "as is" or you will provide a warranty for the house.

Determine closing date and fill this part of the form out. Fill out the receipt for the buyer's earnest money.

Complete "Seller's Disclosure Statement." Make sure to check every line with either yes, no or unknown to avoid form rejection. Complete any other form in your state packet of paperwork for your individual state requirements.