How to create an invoice letter

An invoice letter is a simple cover letter that goes with a formal invoice to a company that owes money on a bill. The letter might help clarify the debt, or give firm demands for payment, especially in the case of a deadbeat client. An invoice letter can also be used by the recipient of goods and services to explain why an invoice has not yet been paid. You can create your own standard invoice letter to be sent to clients and suppliers easily.

Write the header for your invoice letter in the same manner as a standard letter. Type the date at the top, then go down a few lines and type in the full address of the recipient.

Skip another line and then type in "Re:" (regarding) and the reason for your letter. This might be "Payment Request," "Invoice Submission," or just the invoice number.

Include a greeting line if you have a specific contact name at the business. For instance, "Attention Mr. Thompson."

Expand upon the reason for your letter in the first line. Get right to the point. "Please see our enclosed invoice #2224 for £71.9 for the shipment of gadgets we sent you July 2, 2010" is a simple and straightforward first line. Keep it short.

State your demands and conditions. Be specific. For example, you can say "Keeping in accordance with the terms and conditions we agreed on, this invoice must be paid within 30 days of the date listed above."

Include more information about what will happen if the invoice is not paid on time if this is a follow-up letter to a delinquent payer. "You may forfeit your discount if the invoice is not paid within 30 days. We will take aggressive actions to collect this debt if necessary."

Include a way for the client to contact you with questions about the invoice. This can be a phone number, e-mail address or both. Close the letter with a "Sincerely," along with your full name and company name.

Add the word "Enclosure" to the bottom of the letter to inform your recipient that there should be an additional page that goes with this letter (the actual invoice).

Keep the same general format for an invoice letter to a supplier. Tell your supplier why you have not paid to date (or when you plan to pay) and request more information in the letter, if needed. For example: "We would be happy to pay your invoice as soon as you provide us with the following information..." This information might include a shipping delivery confirmation or a more detailed listing of the products and services provided.


Use "Mail Merge" in Microsoft Word to create your invoice letter if you will be using this letter frequently for varied clients (see link in Resources). Make sure your billing address is printed clearly on the invoice.

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