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Definition of skills gap analysis

A gap analysis is a common business tool used to assess the difference -- or gap -- between the current state and a future goal state. You can use a skills gap analysis to assess your skills and identify areas for improvement through learning and training.


A skills gap analysis can be a valuable tool because it allows an employee to identify what improvements he will need to make in order to advance in his career. Performing a skills gap analysis gives an individual an edge over other employees who do not assess their professional development needs.

Performing an analysis

A skills gap analysis begins by identifying the goals that are needed for workplace advancement. Then, the individual measures her own skills. Finally, the individual measures the gaps between her current skills and those needed and makes a plan to close these gaps.


A successfully performed skills gap analysis will give the employee a clear path for professional improvement. If the employee is able to close the gaps, it should significantly improve his chances of a promotion.