How Do I Get a Copy of a Blueprint for My Home?

Blueprints can be a beneficial to have, especially if you're planning home renovations. But where do you get those blueprints? For newer homes, you can consult government agencies, which must provide such information under the Freedom of Information Act. If that course of action fails, there are other steps you can take.

Gather information about your home or real estate property, including the legal description and real estate identification number.

Request the blueprints from the local inspection office at your city hall or town hall. If the inspection office complies with your request, you should receive a copy of the blueprints right away. In most cases, builders need to have a permit, along with construction plans before they may construct a new home, and these items are filed at the local inspection office.

Contact the realtor who assisted you with the purchase of your home. The realtor's office may have information on the home, including a copy of the blueprints, or know where to get blueprints if they are not available from the inspection office.

Contact the contractor or architect who built your home and request a copy of the blueprints. In most cases, a home builder will keep a copy of your blueprints for his records. You may have to pay the builder a small fee to get a copy.

Contact the developer of your home if your house is in a subdivision. Most subdivisions are built with the same specifications from one master blueprint. Ask for a copy of the master plan, unless you had your home built with a custom design.


In most cities, builders are required to file blueprints for approval prior to beginning construction on a home. However, depending on the age of your home and your local regulations, blueprints may not be available.


There is a chance that no blueprints were created for your home. If no original blueprints are available, you may need to have a contractor draw up blueprints if you want to make any additions or modifications to your home.

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