Domestic Housekeeper Job Description

Domestic housekeepers are individuals who maintain private homes for homeowners and their families, according to These individuals sometimes live with the single family for whom they care, while others work for multiple families. Average domestic housekeeper salaries in 2010 ranged from £12,080 to £15,409 in various U.S. cities, reports


Domestic housekeepers complete household tasks such as purchasing and cooking food and serving meals. They also do laundry, purchase household supplies, polish furniture and windows and mop and wax floors. Domestic housekeepers additionally do vacuuming and dusting, and some families require domestic housekeepers to clean and organise closets and pantries, according to They also might be required to clean patios, porches or decks outside, reports These domestic professionals also receive guests who visit the home and communicate with contractors who arrive to do repairs. They additionally must feed and water household plants. Some employers also require domestic housekeepers to handle the family’s bookkeeping activities.

Other Responsibilities

Helping children bathe and get dressed is another responsibility of domestic housekeepers who work with children. Some homeowners allow domestic housekeepers to discipline their children when necessary based on guidelines they establish as well. When caring for children, domestic housekeepers also might play games with them or help them with homework. In addition, housekeepers make beds, iron clothes and even take family pets out for walks.


Strong communication skills for interacting with homeowners and their children are critical in domestic housekeeping. Domestic housekeepers also should know how to use appliances such as dishwashers and clothes dryers and should be comfortable using household cleaning products such as bleach. They also should know how to cook and select healthy food items for family members. In addition, domestic housekeepers should have strong time management skills, be organised and be self-directed.


No education standards exist for domestic housekeepers, although some families want individuals who have at least a high school diploma or GED. Most employers look for domestic housekeepers who have experience taking care of a house and children. Individuals who take family and consumer science courses in high school also can be more marketable in this field. College certificate and degree programs in child development or food service additionally can be helpful.


Aspiring domestic housekeepers can contact employment agencies to land household jobs, or they can use college career services to find employment if they have completed a postsecondary training program in this field. In addition, they can find opportunities through social service agencies or housekeeping service companies. Domestic housekeepers also can use industry recruitment websites to find openings.

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