How to Get Electrical Goods With Bad Credit

If your credit score is less than perfect, you might find it next to impossible to finance the purchase of electrical goods. For many people, a lump sum is hard to come by, especially for more expensive items, such as home-theatre systems or Blu-ray DVD players. However, people with low credit scores do have ways to buy electrical goods. And some of these options can raise their credit scores so they won't have the bad-credit problem in the future.

Rent to own. Many places that offer a wide array of electrical goods and appliances don't check your credit score. You simply lease the product, and it becomes yours after a set number of lease renewals. All you pay are weekly or monthly payments. Length of the lease varies depending on the store and the product. People are allowed to return items at any time, and you can choose pre-rented items at a reduced rate.

Save money for a down payment. This is the most time-consuming and old-fashioned way, but it is perhaps the best way to rebuild your credit. The more money you put down on an item, the less impact a low credit score will have, and the less your monthly payments will be.

Consult a consumer finance company. These companies act as middlemen of sorts, as they allow you to quickly build up a credit history with them to help you obtain products. After you have paid them a few weekly payments, they have your order shipped from the manufacturer to you. Once your payments are complete (usually a year), the electrical goods are yours.

Buy used electrical goods from a reputable seller. eBay is one route, so long as the seller has a positive feedback rating. It can still be somewhat of a gamble, however. Another option is to check respectable pawnshops or second-hand stores in your area for any good deals. By purchasing second-hand you pay in full, but at a discounted price. The drawback is that sales of this nature are usually final. If at all possible, before you pay, make sure the equipment works properly.

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