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Employee Bulletin Board Ideas

There are many reasons to put up a notice board at a place of business.

Employees and management can benefit from their existence, and most places have some kind of notice board for purposes that range from a communication tool to a showcase for recognising accomplishments or events. Nearly all businesses can add a new notice board idea to improve workplace communication on important topics, boost morale, or even protect the business from liability.

The Badge Board

The badge board is a notice board idea that gives every employee his or her own personal board.

These notice boards can be small versions hung in a visible spot at the entrance of an office or in a cubicle. For companies that wish to recognise a series of accomplishments or specific qualities in an employee that the company finds important, badges can be created and awarded to those who qualify.

Perhaps a company considers environmental efforts important.

They can create a badge that is awarded to any employee who takes time to work cleaning up the roadside the company has claimed in the "adopt a mile" program, or who began a recycling program in the office.

Another badge may be awarded to an employee who went the extra mile on a certain project. The badges are determined by the values of the company itself.

When badges are awarded, management hangs them on the employee's personal badge board for everyone to see. This will give the employee a sense of pride and can encourage others to do their part as well.

Safety Board

A safety notice board is a good way to remind every employee about safety practices and policies. The board can contain printed copies of the company's rules of safety and should feature a specific safety concern and solution each week.

In addition, the manager or employees involved in safety training or compliance should have access to a recognition system that can be included on the board.

For example, when a manager or another employee sees someone do something that is consistent with safety policies, the manager can post a "safety star" on the board with the person's name on it. Assume the business is a restaurant and there is a spill in the dining room floor. One employee observes another quickly placing a wet floor sign over the spill and working to get it cleaned up. The observing employee reports the action to the manager and requests a star for the board of the safety-conscious worker.

Policies Board

Businesses occasionally need protection from employees when it comes to terminations or other issues.

A notice board that clearly states the policies of the business can help in this situation. If an employee is fired for violating a policy, but claims he or she was never told the policy existed, then the notice board stating the policy can be a big help in defending against a wrongful termination matter.

Businesses managers should make sure the policies are given directly to the employees and that they have signed an acknowledgement that they have read and understand the policies before starting work. This, in addition to the material being posted on the board, will justify the termination in most cases.