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Employee of the Month Nomination Ideas

Many businesses use employee of the month recognition programs to reward their employees for a job well done and to build morale.

To motivate employees, the winner should be chosen each month using a transparent method and clear criteria. Candidates should not be chosen at random. Everyone in the company should know what they need to do to be in the running for the award. This will motivate employees to meet those criteria.

Employee Nominations

One idea for nominating an employee of the month is to have employees nominate each other. Draw up a list of achievements or criteria that will qualify someone for nomination and accept nominations either on a rolling basis or by a certain day of the month. Employees then fill in nomination forms for their coworkers. You can then choose the best nominee or make up a short list and let employees vote on the winner.

Meeting Goals

You can base your nomination criteria on who in your company has met certain goals. These goals might change from month to month. For example, one month your goal could be to see who can save the company the most money or who can come up with the best way to recycle.

You can have just one goal for the entire company or give each division a separate goal.

You can also have employees set their own goals. The names of all employees who meet their goals are put into a "hat," and the employee of the month is chosen at random.

Nomination Race

One nomination idea is to set up an "obstacle course" of tasks that employees need to accomplish to be nominated for employee of the month. These can be things such as: make a customer or co-worker smile, complete all projects on time and meet or exceed sales targets.

As employees complete each task, they mark it off on a chart. Once the chart is complete, they are entered for employee of the month.

Outstanding Achievement

The employee of the month award can be used as a reward and recognition for outstanding achievement.

One nomination idea is to give the award to the employee who has really stood out in the previous month. Perhaps one employee has put in a lot of extra work to finish a project on a difficult deadline, has stepped in for a co-worker who was ill or went the extra mile to help a customer or colleague. Depending on your business, you could also reward employees who exceeded sales and production targets or who had the most positive attitude and exhibited the best teamwork.