How to encourage team spirit

Team spirit promotes unity and encourages team members to support each other and work together toward a common goal. Learning to be committed to a team not only helps people work together on the playing field, but also teaches them how to be valued members of a team when they are in the workplace. Many of the ways that sports teams facilitate spirit can be applied to other teams as well.

Select a leader or coach for the team. The coach or leader should work to make every team member feel valued by attributing the successes of the team to the group as opposed to individuals. Additionally, the coach or leader should discuss any failures with the group so everyone can contribute to a solution.

Provide team members with shirts or uniforms so that their affiliation with the team is apparent to each other and to those who are not on the team.

Track the team's successes and enthusiastically discuss their accomplishments. Instilling a sense of pride makes team members want to do their best to make the rest of the group proud. Sports teams use scoreboards, but teams in a work environment can also use visual charts to show their accomplishments.

Motivate the team with incentives so that members stay enthusiastic and try to excel. Sports teams have goals of winning successive matches leading to an ultimate overall win in a division or competition. Some teams in a work environment may receive extra compensation or trips for obtaining the most sales. Find a way to motivate the team with a tangible reward.

Recognise team achievement. Victorious sports teams are recognised over school intercoms and in newspapers. Some teams in the working world are acknowledged in company newsletters, at company dinners or in other ways. Recognising teams keeps morale high and motivates team members to want to stay at the top of their game.


When team members do not support each other, the team can weaken and the cohesiveness necessary to work together may disintegrate, making it difficult for team members to remain enthusiastic about their goals.

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Things Needed

  • Uniforms or shirts
  • Charts or scoreboards tracking progress

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