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How to get a FedEx driving job

FedEx is an international courier company that delivers packages, mail and products around the world. The company has many departments, including ground couriers, local drivers, customer service representatives and executive management. To apply and be considered for a driving job with FedEx, you need to apply to FedEx directly using the job profile finder on the FedEx website. This finder will show you what jobs are available in what area and where your desired job is in demand.

Go to the FedEx's job search website (see Resources). This website allows you to search all available jobs within the FedEx company.

Use your e-mail and a personal password to create your personal profile on the job finder page. Use the profile to direct your search to driver courier jobs.

Create a CV that reflects your expertise for a FedEx driver courier job. The CV should reflect previous customer service positions, your people skills, organizational skills, accuracy and flexibility.

Highlight your skills that apply specifically to a FedEx driver job. For example, FedEx look for individuals who can count and perform basic math without a calculator, have written and verbal communication skills, having the ability to carry 45.4 kg (100 lb) several times a week, can sit or stand for several hours each day and work independently.

Check the status of your driver's licence. To become a FedEx driver, applicants must possess a full, clean driver's licence. The driver must also have a hazardous materials endorsement. The candidate must also take at least one year of FedEx Freight Driver Development Course and complete the course.

Apply for the driver jobs available on the FedEx website using your tailored CV. Continue to visit the website for job opportunities or edit your profile, so you are updated via e-mail when a new driving job is posted on the FedEx job board.

Complete the interview when a FedEx representative calls to speak with you. A primary interview may be done on the phone first before proceeding with a secondary interview, usually done in person.

Complete the training provided, if you are selected for the job. The training can include communication with other drivers, daily pickup and delivery schedules and routes, knowing hazardous labels and general customer service training.

Things Needed

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • CV

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