Funny Employee Recognition Ideas

Traditional awards such as plaques, certificates or trophies are a suitable way to recognise employees. Unfortunately, these award ideas are easy to forget as employees amass shelves full of trophies and paper weights over time. Make an impact by using humour to connect with your employees. Choose from a range of funny employee recognition program ideas that work best for your budget.

Comedic Award Show

Reward your employees for their hard work with an Award Show hosted by a local comedian. Distribute gag gifts to each employee throughout the ceremony using the traditional event style of announcing a category, three runners-up and a winner. Keep gifts hidden so that each employee is pleasantly surprised by the witty gift presentation. For example, an employee that demonstrates the most resilience under pressure could be given a giant rubber band. Think of the most outlandish ways to demonstrate the positive qualities of your employees.

Whimsical Recipe Book

Recognise employees in a success recipe booklet with each employee representing a recipe. Include offbeat formulas for hair, fashion and team building. For example, an employee who misses a lot of days of work or always leaves early may have a recipe for Work/Life Balance. Include measurements of various qualities it takes to achieve success from the employee's perspective, but keep the tone lighthearted. The Work/Life Balance recipe might direct the reader to "Mix 5 personal days with 10 hours of flex time." If you have trouble coming up with ideas for each person, send out the categories by e-mail and ask employees to submit a recipe for another person.

Famous Quotes

Everyone has a moment when he makes an odd statement or says something misinterpreted by the group. Luckily, office etiquette often protects you from outright ridicule by your coworkers. However, you can use these moments to create a list of the most memorable employee quotes in your office. Build a mock inspirational slideshow for the office using each employee's "famous quote." Add a photo and theme for each slide such as "Triumph" or "Benchmarking." The irony between the statement and the theme will produce a humorous show.

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