How to Give Positive Feedback on Employee Performance

Positive feedback is something every employee wants to receive on his job performance. Positive feedback is an important aspect in an organisation's performance management system. What, when, and why you give feedback are equally important. When given in the right way, positive feedback conveys recognition of efforts and significance of employee contribution to the business. It boosts employee morale, builds confidence, reinforces commitment toward goals and encourages repeat performances.

Give a positive feedback immediately or as soon as possible. Give the positive feedback when the event is still fresh in the minds of the employees. This gives the appreciation more value.

Convey positive feedback on an employee performance in a team meeting as appropriate. Such public recognition of contributions certainly goes well with some employees. If the employee is uncomfortable with public appreciations, provide feedback in private.

Make your positive feedback specific. Your appreciation should reveal the specific contribution of the employee. For example, "John, your financial analysis helped us identify loopholes in our process. As a result, we were able to cut down unwanted expenses and achieve our intended target for the quarter. Thanks, your contribution has been invaluable." Since your appreciation details the specific aspects of your contribution, this indicates to the employee that you are aware of his/her individual contribution to the organisation.

Be sincere while conveying a positive feedback. Exaggerated or excessive feedback makes it look shallow.

Show appreciation frequently. Whether an achievement is big or small, use every opportunity to deliver a positive feedback to show that small or big, the employee contribution has been recognised.


Keep record of all positive feedback you convey so that you know how well the employee performs each time.

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