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Highest paying driving jobs

Many types of driving jobs are available. and because cargo always needs to be transported, the industry does not get hit as hard by a poor economy compared to other industries. Drivers can earn as little as £13,000 a year or their salaries can go into the six-figure category. The highest paying jobs in each division usually require time and experience to bring home the big paychecks.

Stunt Drivers

Stunt drivers are some of the best paid drivers in the industry. They do stunt driving for commercials, movies and TV shows. The drivers are paid to do stunts efficiently and quickly, since time is money in the entertainment industry. Employees want drivers who can do their job with only a few takes. It is also important that they can do it without damaging the vehicle since they are often quite expensive. Stunt drivers who do their jobs well and are in demand can make six-figure salaries each year.

Speciality Truck Drivers

Truck drivers that specialise in a niche get paid for having extra training, certification, permits and experience. These drivers may drive hazardous waste, tankers or flat beds. The more dangerous the job the more pay they will get. These truck drivers can make £39,000 a year or more.

Long-haul Truck Drivers

Long-haul drivers haul cargo over long distances. They can be gone all day, for several days or even for weeks. According to the average pay is £10 an hour for a long-haul truck driver. This may not sound like a significant wage but considering that long-haul drivers can work over 80 hours a week it adds up. Especially when they start earning overtime. Long-haul truck drivers can make over £39,000 a year depending on how much driving they do.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers can make a pretty decent salary. They tend to work for city's so they are union workers with benefits and regular raises. According to, a job and career site, the average salary of a bus driver is £25,350 a year.

Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs

These drivers are not ually in the highest paying driving jobs with an average salary of £13,650 a year. But, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, taxi drivers and chauffeurs can earn more than £22,100 a year. This depends on how many hours they work, how much they work and what kind of vehicle they use. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs who use the new gas-saving hybrids will make a better earning than those using older models that are harder on fuel.