Incentive Games to Motivate Employees

Incentive games can be an effective way to motivate employees to increase production and exceed established performance goals. When you use games it gives employees something to look forward to as they track their progress and work towards the goal of qualifying for the incentive. If you are already prepared to pay an incentive, then making a game out of it would require a little extra effort that could go a long way in making your incentive a success.


The format created by the game Bingo is open to creating an effective incentive game. The simplest way to execute a Bingo incentive game is to issue employees one or two Bingo cards at the beginning of the game. Create a schedule of incentives that employees need to reach to qualify to be included in the game. When an employee reaches a milestone, issue them a random Bingo call for their cards. Keep track of what calls each employee received so that you can tell if a win is legitimate. Award smaller prizes for standard Bingo winning formations such as four corners or diagonal and horizontal lines, and then award one major prize to the first employee to get a full card.

Christmas Tree

The holidays can be a good time to use incentive games because business traditionally tends to wind down towards the end of the year. By motivating employees with an incentive game you can try to keep production up as the year comes to a close. Put a large artificial Christmas tree somewhere in the building, perhaps in the employee lounge, and then hang ornaments from it. Paint a number on the bottom of each ornament. When an employee reaches an incentive number, he gets to choose one ornament from the tree. The number on the ornament corresponds to a prize on a chart kept by the manager. This can also be done with Easter baskets and plastic eggs and a tree of heart decorations for Valentine's Day.

Scavenger Hunt

An office scavenger hunt can be broken up into parts and be made into an effective incentive game. Employees that reach incentive numbers are given clues on where to find a prize hidden somewhere in the office. When they find that prize, they mark it on a list provided by the company. The first employee to fill up their list with the smaller prizes is awarded a larger incentive gift.


A plastic dartboard can be a way to create an incentive game that will keep employees working hard for weeks. Develop an incentive list that awards an employee one dart for every incentive milestone he reaches. The company should also keep track of how many darts each employee gets to make sure no one brings any darts in from home. At the end of the dart collecting phase of the game, employees are allowed to throw their darts at the dartboard. The employee that gets the most points wins the largest incentive prize. There also should be a series of smaller prizes that employees who do not win the big prize can win.

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