How to inform employees that someone is resigning

The resignation of a beloved co-worker can be difficult to take. But as a supervisor it's your job to make such announcements. Don't fear being the bearer of sad news. Rather, use this as an opportunity to celebrate everything the resigning staffer has done for the organisation and express that he will be missed.

Open a new blank e-mail or word processing document. Address the memo to all company employees or all employees in your department.

Explain that you are writing to announce that the staff member in question will be resigning. State when his last day of work will be.

State the value the resigning staff member brought to the organisation. This is an opportunity to celebrate all the employee's positives. For instance, you could say something like, "Through his collaborative spirit, John forged partnerships with Company A, Company B and Company C that resulted in a total revenue increase of £1.0 million."

Reference some of the small ways in which the resigning worker will be missed. For instance, did he have an individual way of bringing levity to otherwise dull or serious meetings? Did he make it a point to mentor new employees? Say so.

State whether his position will become open or whether someone else from within the company will step up to fill the resigning staffer's shoes.

Say whether there will be any kind of farewell festivities. If so, state the day and time of the festivities.

End by expressing gratitude for the departing employee's service to the company and wishing him well in his future ventures.

Sign the letter. If you created it in a word processing document, also save the document and attach it to a blank e-mail.

Input the email addresses of everyone who is to receive it, including the resigning employee.

Put a subject in the subject line of your e-mail. Something like "John Doe is retiring" is informative and to the point. Hit "Send."

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