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The job description of a customer relationship manager

Customer relationship managers supervise the work of department employees as well as other key functions. There's little difference between job descriptions for customer relationship and customer service managers, though information technology companies tend to use the job title more for strategic purposes. The job description of a customer relationship manager, or CRM, can vary among companies, but key functions are very similar.

Pitching in

The job description of a customer relationship manager is focused on maintaining the highest possible level of customer service. One key strategy in this task is providing adequate staffing to handle incoming calls or potential problems. The job description may require a customer relationship manager to handle calls or incoming traffic during busy periods.

Following up

Customer relationship managers enter questions and complaints into company computer systems, generating communications to make all customers' questions are answered and problems resolved. Customer relationship managers who deal with cash often routine bank deposits and balance all cash registers after each shift. CRMs inform upper management of any outside influences, such as vendor or data reconciliation problems.

Hiring and training

Customer relationship managers hire and train customer relationship representatives to maintain high-quality customer service. Some customer relationship managers simply oversee training, especially in organisations that incorporate formal training programmes.

Making changes

Customer relationship managers also streamline existing tools and systems to upgrade customer service. This includes policy and procedure changes needed to solve major problems. Customer relationship managers research competing customer relationship departments to gain a competitive edge.


In 2014, according to the National Careers Service, salaries for customer service managers ranged from £19,000 to £25,000 a year. With experience this can rise up to £30,000. Some sectors also pay commission and bonuses.


Most customer relationship managers must have at least a degree as well as several years or specific work experience.