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Job Description for a Digital Account Manager

A digital account manager works with the creative department of a company to oversee the production of clients' assignments with regard to online and digital marketing campaigns. He/she is the middleman between the creative media department and digital creators. He/she is also charged with the duty of interpreting clients' briefs. The general role of the digital account manager is to ensure that projects are done according to client specification and that the projects can effectively serve the role for which they are produced.


The digital account manager is responsible for increasing revenue for the organisation from the accounts he/she is managing. He/she ensures all clients receive quality customer care. He/she manages all aspects of his projects, from estimating costs, managing budgets, allocating resources and writing reports for the clients and agency management team. The digital account manager cultivates a good working relationship with other departments. He/she attends business meetings from time to time. He/she coordinates activities between animators, designers and the creative team. He/she liaises with clients and keeps them updated with progress reports.


A digital account manager requires a university degree preferably media related. He/she should have training with a bias towards digital media. A diploma in 3D or graphic design is, however, acceptable. Any additional managerial or administrative training will be an added advantage. Candidates who lack professional qualifications or training should have proof of experience in a busy digital environment and at a managerial level.

Skills Required

A digital account manager requires marketing and advertising skills. Experience in CS2, CS3 and CS4 designed packages is essential. Knowledge of animation is highly recommended. Project management skills are also essential for this position. Prior experience working in a busy digital agency is a plus. He/she should also possess basic information technology skills.


A digital account manager is a team player. He/she has a creative edge. He/she comes up with graphic business concepts. He/she has stamina since he/she is expected to work long hours. A digital account manager has good verbal and written skills. He/she also has good administrative and coordination skills. He/she is knowledgeable about search engine optimisation techniques, web development and online marketing techniques, most preferably affiliate marketing.


The average salary for a digital account manager is £44 000 as of July 2010, according to Simply Hired. This varies with the organisation, level of education, level of experience and additional benefits and allowances. This may also depend on the location of the employer and accounts being managed.