Job description for a hotel operations manager

A hotel operations manager is responsible over the overall day-to-day operations in a hotel. The operations manager is ultimately the one responsible for making sure that everything in the hotel runs smoothly, that the hotel is in good repair and that the hotel is making a profit.


The hotel operations manager is the manager over all of the different operations at a particular hotel. The operations manager is over the front desk, bellhop, housekeeping and food service personnel and often can make decisions about beginning or ending employment, or day-to-day tasks of employees in those departments. In larger hotels the operations manager may hire managers for each department of the hotel to report to him or her, rather than oversee the entire hotel personally.


The hotel operations manager is responsible for making sure the hotel is making money and working within its allotted budget. The operations manager will often be the one to make the call on making repairs and will sometimes make other decisions that help increase the profitability of the hotel as a whole.

Guest Experience

Hotel operations managers are responsible for making sure hotel guests have the best experience possible during their stay in the hotel so that they may in turn decide to book another stay at the hotel. Hotel operations managers will make decisions that they think will improve the overall experience for guests, including hotel decor and staffing.

Guest Complaints

A hotel operations manager is responsible for dealing with any complaints guests may have about their stay in the hotel. The operations manager will speak with guests about issues they may have and work with them toward the best resolution to the problem for both parties.


The hotel operations manager works directly with staff, motivating them to do the best job possible and provide great service to hotel guests. A hotel operations manager will also often hold training sessions with staff to help them become acquainted with hotel policies and motivate them to help the hotel succeed.


Hotel operations managers are not required to have any specific educational or experience background. Most larger hotels will hire managers with several years experience working in the hotel industry. Preference for jobs is typically given to those who have a degree in hospitality management or a certificate in hospitality.

Salary Range

A hotel operation manager's salary varies greatly depending on the size of the hotel. An entry-level college graduate could potentially make about £29,250 per year as a junior operations manager in a larger hotel; senior managers at larger hotels can make as much as £117,000.

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