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Job description for a property consultant

Purchasing a property is an enormous investment, and many investors and home buyers are concerned that they will not receive a fair deal on their purchases. Fortunately for them, property consultants are ready to help. Property consultation is a career that can be started by virtually anyone who receives the proper licensing required by the state they reside in.


Property consultants seek out potential property investors and attempt to develop a relationship with them. They communicate with investors to help them determine the options they have regarding property services. Other property consultants work with customers to find suitable properties for them. When an investor is interested in a property, the property consultant gives the investor a tour of the property. The consultant also prepares documents necessary for the investor to be able to invest in the property. The consultant must be aware of all relevant housing laws and keep the investor informed about these laws so that there are no legal troubles down the road.


Property consultants must travel a lot, since they must travel to view different properties and meet with customers. Time that is not spent travelling is often spent in an office researching potential customers and properties, and communicating with various parties. Property consultants often set their own hours, but their hours can sometimes be irregular since property consultants often want to accommodate clients. They are sometimes on-call in case of emergencies.


Most of the training that property consultants receive is on the job. Property consultants who buy and sell property have to be licensed by the state. Property consultants must have excellent customer service skills, including clear communication skills. They must have a professional demeanour so investors will trust them. They also need computer skills, which are helpful when researching properties. Previous sales experience increases the property consultant's chance of finding work.


Between 2008 and 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the need for property consultants will grow by 14 per cent. This growth will be driven by a greater population of young workers who will need help buying their first homes. Growth will also be driven by the perception that property is still a good investment. However, much of the growth will be reduced by the Internet, which makes it easier to find homes without a property consultant.


The median earnings for property consultants in 2008 were £26,100, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest 10 per cent earned more than £66,200, while the lowest 10 per cent earned less than £13,720. The large gap in pay is due to the fact that many property consultants have to establish themselves before they can acquire enough clients to make a larger income.