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Job Description of a Training Coordinator

A training coordinator is responsible for planning, developing and coordinating and implementing training programs and services. Once the developments and methods of the program are implemented, the training coordinator evaluates the program. Training coordinators are used in a variety of industries. This includes educational, industrial and technology industries. Training coordinaters are in a competitive market and can usually determine their own terms of salary.


The training coordinator has oversight to research to be conducted in the development of training programs. She may look at other training programs to weed out any significant competition. In this field, the coordinator could be in the position of supervision, supervising training assistants or other staff. As a supervisor, the training coordinator delegates assignments in regard to developing training materials. The training coordinator develops the actual training manual that will be used in the course of training. The task of recruiting trainees for particular programs also belongs to the training coordinator. Once trainees are recruited, the coordinator creates training packages and set fees for training. During the course of training, the coordinator must establish and maintain good relationships with trainees and staff already on board.


A training coordinator usually holds a four-year degree. Areas of degrees vary greatly depending on the industry the training coordinator would be working in. For example, a training coordinator on curriculum and training aspects related to education could hold a four-year degree in business administration, education or social or behavioural science. Along with educational credentials, the coordinator should have at least two years of experience for most employers.


Since this individual is in the position of coordinator, he should be able to work independently if circumstances call for such. This person also should be able to work with others from diverse backgrounds. He should be able to collaborate with a team and exhibit team-leading and team-building abilities. There should room for this professional to be flexible in his work schedule. Physical ability would include the coordinator being able to lift at least 13.6kg.


The training coordinator communicates well orally and in writing as she may act as a presenter or speak on a public platform. Skill in organisation and time management is beneficial for the coordinator. Problem-solving and stress-management skills will enable the training coordinator to solve issues that arise with training technique and measures. It is also important for persons in this position to have basic computer-literacy skills.


As of May 2010, the average annual salary of training coordinator ranges from £21,714 to £33,562, according to Payscale. Most people working as training coordinators have at least four years of experience. While less than 5 per cent of professionals in this field have less than a year of work experience.