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How to Get a Job at a Makeup Counter

Tips for how to land a job at a make-up counter in a department store or high-end cosmetics boutique are similar to those regarding any job. Professionalism is the key. Always communicate with precision, clarity and politeness.

Your experience in beauty and make-up will dictate the position you can apply for. Brush up on your interview skills in case you are asked to come in for interview.

Create a resume that is tailored to the cosmetology and beauty industry. Do not include information about previous jobs and work experience that is not relevant. Include any previous retail experience, internships or certifications related to the job. Be sure that your contact information is clear and correct at the top of the resume.

Create a portfolio to complement your resume. This could include professional photographs of your work related to makeovers and make-up application. This is not always required, but could give you an edge over the competition.

Research online, through local papers and at department stores to find out what positions are available and which counters are hiring. Approach someone working at the counter where you would like to work and ask to speak to the hiring manager. Have copies of your resume and portfolio with you to give to the hiring manager.


Consider going to school for make-up artistry to gain a further competitive advantage.

Things Needed

  • Resume
  • Portfolio (optional)