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Jobs for 14-15 year olds

Getting a job at the age of 14 or 15 may seem challenging, but there are plenty of opportunities available depending on your own interests, skills and location. Although it is possible to stick with a traditional part-time job as a teen, you can also get creative with brainstorming your own ideas for jobs as well as trying to launch your own business idea.

Traditional Jobs

As a teenager, traditional jobs are available to choose from in a wide variety of markets. Apply to work after school at a local fast-food restaurant, or try a local bowling alley or cinema. Other traditional jobs might include taking on a newspaper delivery route, working at a pizza parlour or ice cream shop, or as a cashier at a department store. For an traditional outdoor job, apply to clean pools throughout the summer or work at a concession stand at the beach or at an outdoor event.

Service Jobs

Take a course in your city to become certified in babysitting and in CPR. Both of these combined will make you a valid and desirable candidate for starting your own babysitting service job, allowing you to charge your own rates and choose the days you work. Create a grocery-delivering service for neighbours and friends in your community. Design arts & crafts (from model aeroplanes, jewellery, and even custom T-shirts) to sell at local craft fairs and in local stores if possible.

Adventure Jobs

Try taking a course to become a certified lifeguard for your local community centre or beach, or work at a local amusement park or carnival for the summer (or part-time) for an exciting workplace atmosphere. You can also start an errand-running service for those in your community, allowing you to visit various locations and meet new people. Apply to work at a skate park or a local go-carting and miniature golf venue for adventure and entertainment.

Create Your Own Business

Create your own business by brainstorming ideas on the skills you have and the hobbies you enjoy. Create a website or a blog to share your interests or to sell your own products using an online store with others around the world and locally near you. Offer writing, art, technical, and even social media services as part of your business, depending on your knowledge in each of the areas. Or plan your own cat and dog grooming (or walking) business to earn money for spending time with animals.

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