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Jobs That Hire 16-Year-Olds

Whether you are looking to find a temporary job to earn some extra money on the side, or you are looking to get a jump-start on your future career through an internship or field-related job, plenty of jobs are available for 16-year-olds depending on your own interests and skills. Finding a job at 16 is possible by using local and online resources, which are both free.

Traditional Part-Time Jobs

Some traditional part-time jobs that hire 16-year-olds include working the cash register at various stores (toy stores, department stores, arcades, bowling alleys, movie rental shops, and even clothing boutiques). Fast-food franchises also hire teenagers for part-time positions, serving food and taking customers' orders. Apply to work at a local car wash or work as a waiter or waitress at a restaurant you enjoy. Although those in the restaurant serving business are paid less than minimum wage, with the right environment, tips can impact your earnings greatly.

Seasonal Jobs

Get a seasonal job if you do not plan on working at the location for an extended period of time to earn quick cash and work experience. Seasonal jobs are most often available during the holidays, when extra store help is required to fulfil all of the additional holiday shopping. Visit a local shopping mall or store of your choice before the holidays and inquire about seasonal positions and the length of duration. Ask a manager of the store if continuing employment after the holidays is possible if you feel you might be interested in a full-time position before applying for seasonal work.

Outdoor and Adventurous Jobs

For a more adventurous and out-of-the-ordinary job, try working outdoors or out of your local city. Apply to work at a local carnival, or sign up to work at a theme park near you during the summer for an exciting adventure. You can also sign up to become a camp counsellor through your school or church group. Register and become a certified lifeguard for your local beach or community centre -- or opt to apply as a pool or window cleaner to work outdoors.

Offering Services

Services to offer as a 16-year-old include getting certified to babysit, walking and grooming dogs and running errands or purchasing groceries for neighbours and your community. You can also earn money if you have talents and skills to highlight, such as being mechanically inclined (fixing bikes, appliances, or cars), or creative and artsy (selling jewellery and art at craft fairs, or even completing web and graphic design projects). If you are a student with exceptional grades, offer a tutoring service in the subjects you are most knowledgeable to help others learn and to also earn money.