Jobs that are hiring 17 year olds

At 17 years old you may be studying for A-levels, and if you are it's important to focus on getting the most out of your education. However, learning about working hard and being a responsible employee is another important life lesson. It's not easy to get a high-paying job without a degree, but several industries indeed hire 17-year-olds.

Food industry

The food industry is one sector of the economy that relies on teenagers, including 17-year-olds. Several opportunities exist for teens without a degree, including fast food restaurants. Further, some cafes and other eat-in restaurants hire teens to be hosts or hostesses, waiters or waitresses and kitchen porters. If you live in a small town, you may find more opportunities from local businesses as opposed to chain restaurants. However, if you live in a bigger city or suburb, chain restaurants may be a better place to look for a job.

Retail industry

Retail shops are often willing to hire 17-year-olds. Seventeen-year-olds can occupy one of many different retail positions. Some shops may allow teens to work a till, while others assign them to work in sales. You can also obtain a job as a stock person, refilling a retail shop's products. Many retailers hire teens to fill positions over Christmas.


Supermarkets represent another job opportunity for 17-year-olds. They require a relatively large number of employees to make everything run smoothly. For example, teens can be hired as cashiers, shelf stackers, shopping trolley retrievers or stockroom workers. Furthermore, supermarket employees can often fill each other's positions quite easily. This makes the job hours flexible for a 17-year-old.

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