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Jobs that provide accommodation with no experience needed

Finding a job that requires little to no experience is no easy task.

Finding one that also gives you a roof over your head can seem even harder. Expect that these jobs may pay less than you might have thought, since they factor in your room and board. Many of the jobs that provide free accommodation are also chock-full of adventure.

Farm work

Migrant workers have moved from one harvest to another for centuries. Jobs doing tasks like picking fruit or harvesting vegetables are usually available for people without any experience, and sometimes come with free accommodation -- though pay is often piecemeal and generally low. While conditions at some farms can be pretty rough, there are places to root out better accommodation.

National parks

Jobs at National Parks often involve working in remote locations, which usually translates into a place to stay for the workers. Often accommodations are dorm-style, or in permanent tents or cabins. While many jobs with the National Park Service do require experience, work is also available as a maintenance worker, cafeteria or lodge worker, or trail hand on a seasonal basis.

Cruises and resorts

Cruises and Resorts are great places to find housekeeping, janitorial, landscaping and kitchen jobs that does not require any experience.

And since there's no place to be besides the ship or the remote area around the resort, these employers have to provide accommodation. Employee quarters are not always private, pay is often low for unskilled positions, and hours are long (since they have a captive work crew), but people do manage to save money while working in a "floating hotel." To look for work on a cruise ship, you can browse the listings on the individual cruise lines, like Carnival and Princess, or check out a headhunter like the Cruise Placement Hiring Agency to get an inside track on the best jobs, ships, and accommodations for your new job.

Work abroad

In many parts of the world, having a foreigner come to "teach" English at a school is a huge jump in status. Thus, many language academies and even primary and secondary schools will hire English teachers from the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, even if the new hire has little to no experience teaching. Many of the foreigners are used as "conversation specialists" in the classroom, working alongside a regular classroom teacher. Since they are hiring you so far from home, these schools will most often provide your accommodations along with your teaching salary.

In places like China, the government even requires the school pay for the foreign teacher's accommodation.

While some schools require a degree or teaching certificate, others are not as discerning. Pay can vary from next to nothing in Latin America to more than £26,000 a year in some parts of Asia.