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Junior account manager job description

A company needs a performing sales force to increase profit levels and improve its financial robustness in the short term and long term. A junior account manager is part of a company's sales force.

Nature of the Work

A junior account manager works under the guidance of a senior sales manager, ensuring that a company responds to customer inquiries in a timely manner.


A junior account manager generally has at least an associate's degree in a business-related field or a high school diploma. A junior account manager working for a large company may hold a bachelor's degree in business management.


Salary levels for junior account managers vary by length of service, academic qualifications and company., a career information website, reports that a junior account manager earns median wages of £24,050, as of 2010.

Career Development

A junior account manager can seek a bachelor's degree in a business-related field to improve his chances of promotion. A skilful and qualified junior account manager can become a senior account manager in a few years.

Working Conditions

A junior account manager usually works normal business hours, Monday through Friday. However, she may be extra busy at the end of the month, helping senior account managers prepare sales reports.