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List of careers that involve children

Careers working with children vary in training required and salary expected. However, for those who choose to work in these career fields, the rewards can be more than monetary.

Jobs working with children can be found in the education, health and recreation fields.


Careers involving children include teaching preschool, kindergarten and elementary school or specialised areas such as dance, music, swimming, or working as a camp counsellor .

Requirements for preschool teachers at day care centres vary by state, but most states require at least a high school diploma. For some states, or some preschools, teachers may also need to have taken child care courses. Most require a background check. A teaching assistant may need an associate's degree.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary in 2008 for teachers in kindergarten through 12th grade was between £30,615 and £33,267. (See reference 1)

Health and Welfare

Possible careers include paediatrician, paediatric or neonatal nurse, physician's assistant at a paediatric practice, social workers, child psychologist or psychiatrist, paediatric dentist or hygienist, school nurse and counsellor.

Those working in the medical field will need special medical training and education and then must obtain the required licenses.Social workers require a master's degree in social work.

Salaries vary tremendously depending on the career and location . According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the median salary of registered nurses in 2008 was £40,592 (see reference 2) and for social workers it was £25,694. (see reference 3)

Entertainment and Recreation

Such jobs include amusement park worker, children's party entertainer, recreation director or assistant at a children's activity centre, activity director at a resort or hotel, and docent at a museum or zoo.

These jobs vary greatly in pay, from minimum wage at an amusement park with no experience required, to considerably more as an entertainer. However, those in entertainment fields are often between regular jobs and may be self-employed or work multiple jobs. (see reference 4)