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How a Make Up Artist Should Write a CV

Applying for a new job can be a difficult process, and it can often be hard for you to put together a CV. There are two main types of CVs: a "graduate" CV that highlights educational experience, and a "performance" CV that highlights work experience. If you are a make-up artist working on a CV, you should figure out which part of your background is the most impressive and make sure that you emphasise it.

Begin with your "objective." Your CV should be written with a specific purpose in mind. If you are looking for a job as a make-up artist, this is the time to do so. This can be helpful for human resources professionals who may receive many CVs per day. Also include, in paragraph form, a quick summary of your CV.

Define your qualifications. This should be the second part of your CV and should be in list form. Tell your prospective employer about what skills you have that make you a particularly strong/unique employee. Are you detail oriented or very good with coworkers? Here is the place to mention this.

Give your work experience. This is an important part of your CV, as it lets potential employers know where you have worked and for how long. Most important, however, is that each job should have with it a list of every duty and task you did or were responsible for. This helps showcase what you are able to do.

List your education. At the bottom of your resume, you should briefly mention your education. Make sure to highlight any degrees or certificates you have in fields related to being a make-up artist.

Add contact information and offer to provide references. Your contact information should be prominent on every page of your CV, and at the end you should offer to provide references or actually give your references' contact information.