How to make a billing invoice

Writing and issuing billing invoices are a basic aspects of running a small business. Billing invoices outline the nature, cost and payment requirements for services rendered by you or your company. The invoice is sent to the customer. For example, a plumber might include the cost of materials, labour and any other expenses in his invoice, which could specify how and when the customer is expected to pay. Billing invoices can be produced on a computer or by using a template on the Internet. Producing a simple billing invoice should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Go to the Invoices Online website ( and select "Create an Invoice."

Complete the form with your information, your client's information, job details (including job number) and a breakdown of costs. Click "Preview Your Invoice" when finished.

Review information on the invoice to ensure it is correct and complete. Click "Complete Your Invoice".

Right-click the link and choose to save the file to your computer disk. The invoice will be saved as a pdf document. Rename it and print, e-mail or save the invoice for your records.

Open Microsoft Word and start a blank document.

Center the text and type the word "Invoice" in large font across the top of the page.

Type your name or your company's name and address below the invoice heading in smaller type.

Left align the text and type the recipient's name and address.

Give your invoice a number. This number helps when you and the recipient file records. (Suggestions on an invoice numbering system are provided in the Tips section below.)

Add the date below the invoice number.

Click the "Insert" tab from the menu at the top of the screen and click "Table." .

Create a table three columns wide with as many rows as needed. Each row should represent a different cost. For example, one row could be for materials, one row for labour and one row for miscellaneous costs.

Label the columns "Date," "Description" and "Cost".

Fill in details of each cost beneath the appropriate heading. For example, "1 July 2010 - Repair of leaking faucet - £32.50."

Add all costs and enter the total at the bottom of the "Cost" column.

Type a sentence below the table specifying a due date for payment. For example, "Please settle outstanding payments by 1 August, 2010.".

Leave about five lines of blank space and type your name.

Print the document, sign your name in pen above your typed name and send the invoice to the person for whom the work was performed.

Go to the Invoice Machine website (

Click "Signup for Free" and complete the form.

Sign in to your account at the next screen.

Click the "+" button on the right of the screen.

Click "New Client" from the "Client" drop down menu. Complete the information about your client.

Enter a date and invoice number. (See Tips section for suggestions on invoice number systems.)

Complete the form with the required information related to the job.

Click the "+" button at the bottom to add additional lines. Each line represents a cost. For example, you can add a line for your time, for parts you installed or for other costs. Invoice Machine automatically calculates your costs.

Click "Save Changes" when you are finished.

View the completed invoice. Choose to download a PDF copy of the document for printing, to send it to an e-mail address or to amend it.


Use a logical system when creating invoice numbers, such as starting with 00001 and increasing for each invoice you send. Keep a record of invoice numbers and the work to which they correspond to address discrepancies or disputes.

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  • Microsoft Word (optional, for computer invoices)

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