Mental health social worker job description

Mental health social workers are also referred to as clinical social workers. The primary focus of this job is assisting people with social or mental health problems by providing therapeutic and case management services.


Mental health social worker jobs can be focused in a variety of areas, including facilitating group, family and individual therapy; offering assistance to people in crisis; and individual and community support for children and people with developmental disabilities.


Mental health social workers provide case management or care coordination services, which includes helping clients and their families find important resources such as housing, health care or specific social service programs. They also offer advocacy on behalf of the client or family and work with treatment teams to make sure the client's voice is heard and understood.


Most mental health social workers are required to earn a master's degree in social work. This degree provides flexibility in the field, including the possibility of focusing on clinical or therapeutic work, going into private practice, teaching, or working in a wide variety of settings.

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