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Motivational games for the workplace

Regardless of how much employees love their jobs, there are times when their motivation wains. If your employees seem like they could use a little motivation boost, take some time out of your busy work day to engage them in motivational games. By doing so, you can likely provide the boost your workers need to get back in track and keep their morale up as they go about their daily routines.

Workplace assembly competition

Present your workers with a speed challenge to motivate them to up productivity. Arrange an Olympic style assembly challenge for your workers, selecting different objects that you assemble in your business and ask workers to build them as quickly as possible. For example, if you run a pizza shop, pit workers against each other, having them fold boxes as quickly as possible or craft pepperoni pizzas as rapidly as they can. Reward the winners with metals, ribbons or places on a wall of fame.

Motivational slogan skits

Encourage your workers to use their creativity to increase motivation by creating motivational slogans and crafting skits to go with them. To begin this activity, divide your workers into groups of three or four. Ask each group to first compose a motivational slogan. After deciding upon a slogan, ask them to create skits that feature the decided upon slogans. For example, if the slogan they decide is "Together we all succeed" they could create a skit showing one individual trying to accomplish a task and continually failing until others join in and help.

If we succeed... Word unscramble

Motivate your workers by showing them what will happen if they succeed through the completion of a word scramble. To prepare for this game, type out things that employees may get if the business is successful, such as "raise" or "time off." Leave space between each of the letters, and clip them apart. Place the letters for each word in an envelope. When ready to play the game, give your workers one envelope at a time and ask them to unscramble the letters the envelope contains to create the words. Reward them for each word they successfully create.

We can... Cheers competition

Turn your workers into cheerleaders by holding a "We Can..." cheering competition. To prepare for this competition, gather some cheerleading props, including pom poms and cheer skirts. Divide workers into groups of three or four, and ask each group to create a cheer to motivate their workers. Allow staff to dress up in cheer gear and put on their cheers. Hold a vote to select the best cheer.