How much does it cost to add on a bathroom?

Adding a bathroom to a home is a very useful home renovation project that adds value to a home. Those concerned with the cost of adding a bathroom to a home should note that such cost varies, and there are typically satisfactory projects for almost any budget.


There are two main types of bathrooms that can be added to a home: a full bath and a half-bath. A half-bath includes a sink and a toilet. A full bath includes everything that is needed for bathing, including a sink, toilet and shower or tub. Full baths add more value to a home, but a half-bath is typically an inexpensive option for those with a limited budget.


Consider the overall flow of your home when adding a bathroom. If your home has only one full bath, adding a second full bath is a lot better investment than adding a half-bath. If you own a luxury home, you will need a luxury bathroom. A luxury bathroom may look out of place in an otherwise plain home.

Those with very tight budgets may only be able to afford to add a half-bath. Materials such as marble tile and designer fixtures are more expensive than standard materials. The size of your addition will also play a role in how much the addition costs.


The value added to your home by an added bathroom can potentially surpass the cost of the renovation. One way to figure out how much value will be added to your home through a bathroom addition is to visit the National Association of Home Builders' Web site and enter your home's information into its "Home Price Estimator." You need MS Excel installed on your computer to access the calculator. After you know your current home's value, increase the number of bathrooms to see the value that will be added to your home through a renovation. Try to keep the cost of your project below the added value for optimal results. A link to this calculator is included in the Resources section.


In late 2009, converting existing floor space in an area such as a garage, basement or attic to include a bathroom cost between $3,000 and $6,000. Depending on the extravagance of the bathroom and its distance away from plumbing lines, it could cost between $7,000 and $25,000 or more. Adding a half-bathroom will fall in the lower end of the cost spectrum, as a half-bath requires only a toilet and a sink.

If you have to add additional floor space to your home to add a bathroom, expect to pay $25,000 to $50,000 and up, depending on complexity and local labor rates. The nationwide average cost to add a spa-quality 10-by-12-foot master bathroom is $73,145. Doing some of the work yourself and shopping for deals on supplies are two ways to reduce the overall cost of the bathroom addition.


Paying a professional to add a bathroom to your home is ideal if you are not familiar with do-it-yourself projects. A professional will make sure your bathroom meets local building codes. The labor costs may add to the overall bathroom addition, but these costs are much lower than the cost to fix certain errors.

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