How Much Do Child Psychologists Earn?

Child psychologists work both as researchers and clinicians. Researchers examine the effect of various factors on child development and may focus their research on the effect of neurological differences such as autism as well as on the child's general environment, while clinicians counsel children and their families to help modify behaviours and offer a more positive outlook for the child and his family. Child psychologists can make up to £55,250 per year, depending on where they work.


How much money a child psychologist earns per year depends on the setting in which he chooses to work. Child psychologists who work in schools make less money than those who work in private practices. Some child psychologists also work at hospitals or in doctors' offices or agencies; these psychologists make less money than other child psychologists as well.

Private Practice

Private practice child psychologists make between £41,990 and £55,250 per year, according to Guide to Online Schools. These psychologists' fees vary by their experience level and by how many clients they are willing to see. A less-experienced child psychologist cannot charge as much per session as a more-experienced one, as she does not have the work record to justify higher fees. However, if she is able to see eight clients in a day while the more-experienced psychologist sees only four to six clients per day, the two psychologists may make roughly equivalent amounts of money.

School Psychologists

School psychologists' salaries vary according to the school district's budget. Guide to Online Schools reports that most school psychologists make between £23,400 and £45,500 per year. School psychologists are often expected to coordinate standardised testing, evaluate testing results, and evaluate individual children for learning or other disabilities in addition to working one-one-one with troubled children in the school system.

Educational Requirements

Child psychologists must obtain at least a master's degree in psychology with an emphasis on childhood development. Those psychologists who want to work in family or child counselling must get a counselling license after completing their master's degree. Some child psychologists get a doctoral degree in psychology as well. These psychologists tend to make slightly higher income than those who only possess a master's degree.

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