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How much do you get paid to be an engineer?

Individuals with a bachelor's degree in engineering get paid more than any other type of college graduate with a bachelor's degree. The salary for engineers after graduation varies drastically from one engineering speciality to another.

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers are the highest-paid type of engineer and earn approximately £53,950 as of May 2008 data, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The main job of a petroleum engineer is to figure out the best way to remove oil and natural gas from deposits deep below the Earth's surface.

Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers are the second-highest-paid type of engineer and make approximately £42,250. Chemical engineers can work for large-scale industrial companies or smaller companies that sell products like perfume or food. The job of a chemical engineer often involves researching and creating new compounds to develop new products.

Mining and Mineral Engineers

Earning approximately £41,600 annually, mining and mineral engineers are the third-highest-paid type of engineer. Mining and mineral engineers are responsible for finding, extracting and preparing minerals like coal for industrial use. One of the main responsibilities of a mining and mineral engineer is to plan out the construction of new open-pit underground mines.

Computer Engineers

Computer engineers make £40,300 annually. The job of a computer engineer involves designing and testing new computer hardware such as computer chips, circuit boards and computer systems. Computer engineers also develop software systems that help control computer networks.

Nuclear Engineers

Nuclear engineers have the same salary as computer engineers, earning £40,300 each year. Nuclear engineers help develop new nuclear power plants and monitor the operation of existing nuclear power plants. Alternatively, some nuclear engineers choose to specialise in the use of nuclear power sources for submarines and space crafts.

Electrical Communications Engineers

Electrical communications engineers get paid approximately £39,000 annually and help develop technologies as small as MP3 devices and as large as global positioning systems. Electrical communications engineers commonly monitor the manufacturing of communications and broadcast systems.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineering is the most common engineering speciality and mechanical engineers have an annual salary of £38,350. Mechanical engineering is an extremely broad field and can involve helping with the development of internal combustion engines, electrical generators and turbines.

Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers earn £37,700 each year and help determine the most efficient way for a company to provide products or services by analysing the use of manpower, materials, machines, information and energy.

Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers earn £36,400 each year and help with the development and maintenance of space crafts, air crafts and missiles. Aerospace engineers usually specialise in a particular type of aircraft such as commercial airliners, helicopters or space crafts.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are one of the lowest-paid types of engineers, earning £33,800 annually. Civil engineers help with the construction of large projects such as bridges, roads, tunnels and dams. Civil engineers are commonly employed by the government.